Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lists on Kissws.com

There are now lists on kissws.com. These don't yet behave as python lists, but they are quite useful for to-do lists.

Also, I'm hosted with rapidvps. I'll be looking to add one or two VPS providers. Am looking at fsckvps.com, and need another.

My requirements 64MB-128MB, (only using 33MB right now) with debian 5 and about 100 gb of monthly transfer. I also have minimal storage requirements. I don't need more than 1GB of storage.

But I do need reliability.

I went with fsckvps.com. Any other suggestions?

I also registered smallbusinesswebmanager.com. Any idea what I'm gonna do with it?

Update 2: I also use webfaction.com

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