Friday, May 22, 2009

extremely strange problem

I have the weirdest computer problem.

I bought a Acer Aspire One D-150 (AOD150) in December 2008. So far I absolutely love it. It's a very capable machine.

When I play ogg vorbis files with high encoding, I get skipping in the files. This occurs both with the latest version of VLC, and foobar2000, my music player of choice.

What's high encoding you ask? 340 kbps to 504 kbps.

I had these files on other computers and they all played fine, without any skipping, so that rules out bad ripping.

I was resigning myself when I noted that:
C:\moozak\Prince And The Revolution\Prince - Purple Rain - 05 - Darling Nikki.ogg
skips, whereas
C:\moozak\Prince And The Revolution\05-Darling Nikki.ogg
plays just fine. These are copies of the same file! Both are exactly: 13,996,959 bytes. I can run an md5 on these, but I am fairly sure that they are the exat same file, because they were ripped from the same CD on the same computer using the same tool: FreeRip.

Arrgghhh! I just realized that the files that skip were encoded before 2008. The ones that don't were encoded in 2008.

Weird huh?

Maybe the 2008 and after vorbis encoding codecs are more efficient for my Intel Atom processor?

Comments, questions?

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