Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Support for Israel

The use of high-explosive weapons against women and children by the Israeli Defense Forces, in violation of UN orders, have demonstrated to me that the Israeli leadership is no longer accountable to the world community and is not to be supported.

While I accept that Israel has a right to defend itself, there is a difference between self-defense and use of high-explosives in a densely populated civilian area. Israel has crossed that line and should be both condemned and punished.

I will no longer support Israel businesses with my money, and I will press my government representatives to not only stop supporting the State of Israel in any way, but also to place political and military pressure to force the Israeli government to cease their offensive against civilians.

Furthermore, the US should do everything in its power to support the UN's efforts to provide food, water, medical supplies, and other forms of support.

Furthermore, the Israeli blockade of Gaza needs to end. They are hurting the civilian population of Gaza by maintaining the siege, and they need to stop.

The Israeli argue that they are only defending themselves against terrorists. I suggest they are not willing to create a society in which terrorism would become obsolete.

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