Friday, January 30, 2009

Bored in Biology

Thanks to extreme censorship of high school students and the most inane reasons for being expelled, I am now bringing you an anonymous comment by a highschooler about her biology class this morning:

Forgive the childish rant, but it must be done.
Sitting in biology class is probably one of the most painful things in highschool. It doesn't help that I don't like the subject, or it's just impossible to understand, but then you add my teacher to the equation and it equals nap time.
Sometimes she talks to us like kindergardeners, other times she talks in the most annoying monotone that stays at one tone for a few minutes, and then goes up and down in a "set in stone" schedual.
A woman with that much education, at that age, just doesn't work for highschool Biology. Normally, I have biology at the end of the day, and so I get tired anyway.... But on fridays, I have it before lunch. It's 11:53, and I swear I am going to die of boredom...

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Letitia said...

I don't understand every nuance of this student's post (like "at that age"). However, I see that the work is too hard on the one hand, but the teacher treats the students like kindergarteners on the other. I'm guessing the class rules suit kindergarten while the material suits those who have a background in science or a special interest in it. The tone is monotone and there's no mention of student participation. I do wish teachers would work out interactive lessons and also let them do some work in groups where, often, a student who "gets it" can do a better job of teaching those who don't than the teacher can. Videos by professionals with interesting voices and images are helpful, too. Mainly, the students need to know in their gut why this subject is important. What kind of experience would do that? Discover it! I'm a motivation coach with a focus on boredom. Although I have little on school, I need to do more on that. See me at Talk to me. Thanks. Letitia