Friday, January 30, 2009

Jay Gellert on

Health Net CEO Jay Gellert was on and spoke about the future of health insurance.

Bored in Biology

Thanks to extreme censorship of high school students and the most inane reasons for being expelled, I am now bringing you an anonymous comment by a highschooler about her biology class this morning:

Forgive the childish rant, but it must be done.
Sitting in biology class is probably one of the most painful things in highschool. It doesn't help that I don't like the subject, or it's just impossible to understand, but then you add my teacher to the equation and it equals nap time.
Sometimes she talks to us like kindergardeners, other times she talks in the most annoying monotone that stays at one tone for a few minutes, and then goes up and down in a "set in stone" schedual.
A woman with that much education, at that age, just doesn't work for highschool Biology. Normally, I have biology at the end of the day, and so I get tired anyway.... But on fridays, I have it before lunch. It's 11:53, and I swear I am going to die of boredom...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Interesting concept. Gaza 2009

Gaza 2009: The first war won by civilians? Civilians on the ground, civilians in democracies around the world voicing their outrage, overwhelming official news channels through the internet and cell-phone technology, making boots on the ground change direction through bits on the wire/less?


200 million bombs in Laos

Just watched on AlJazeera english. The US dropped 200 million bombs in Laos. Many people are maimed and die each year, especially children, who play with cluster bombs or gather them for metal recycling.

World-class reporting. A bit sided to Middle-Eastern/Muslim sentiments, but not more than the BBC is to western sentiments, in my opinion.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My message to Brad Sherman, my US House Representative.

Dear Brad,

I would like to voice my deep concern over the Israeli government's handling of their offensive against Hamas in the Gaza territory. I am deeply concerned that Israel is not doing what it should to protect civilians in Gaza, specifically using weapons such as white phosphorus on civilian areas, not allowing sufficient humanitarian aid such as water, food and medical supplies, as well as not allowing Red Cross/Red Crescent personnel access to injured civilians, and not allowing Egyptian ambulances into the Gaza territory to evacuate injured civilians to hospitals in Egypt that have the capacity to treat the injured and have announced their readiness to do so immediately.

I do agree that Israel has a right to defend itself, and that the Hamas group is a legitimate military target because of their daily rocket fire on Israeli territory.

I do not agree, however, that this attack on Gaza grants them "carte blanche" to conduct a punitive campaign on Gaza civilians, as indeed their military tactics, as well as media and humanitarian blockade of Gaza looks like in my eyes.

I would like you to work on my behalf to place pressure on Israel to allow full humanitarian and media access to Gaza, as well as restrict their use of weaponry that according to the international community should not be used in heavily populated areas.

I do not know how much you can do, but I urge you to do as much as you can.

Please let me know what I can personally do to help.

Very sincerely,

Christopher Mahan

What's the best way to help the children of Gaza

I have some time, some money, and some US State and Federal representatives letter-writing availability.

What's the best way to help the children in Gaza?

New Friends

The US needs new friends, because our friendship with Israel is proving quite embarrassing. Why embarrassing? Using white phosphorus on civilians? Not allowing the Red Cross access to injured civilians, not allowing humanitarian aid such as water and food to reach civilians, and not allowing world journalists to enter the combat zone? Not exactly the sort of things that give a warm fuzzy feeling to people around the world.

Not exactly the sort of friends we want to have, is it?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Support for Israel

The use of high-explosive weapons against women and children by the Israeli Defense Forces, in violation of UN orders, have demonstrated to me that the Israeli leadership is no longer accountable to the world community and is not to be supported.

While I accept that Israel has a right to defend itself, there is a difference between self-defense and use of high-explosives in a densely populated civilian area. Israel has crossed that line and should be both condemned and punished.

I will no longer support Israel businesses with my money, and I will press my government representatives to not only stop supporting the State of Israel in any way, but also to place political and military pressure to force the Israeli government to cease their offensive against civilians.

Furthermore, the US should do everything in its power to support the UN's efforts to provide food, water, medical supplies, and other forms of support.

Furthermore, the Israeli blockade of Gaza needs to end. They are hurting the civilian population of Gaza by maintaining the siege, and they need to stop.

The Israeli argue that they are only defending themselves against terrorists. I suggest they are not willing to create a society in which terrorism would become obsolete.

Friday, January 09, 2009

International Red Cross Claims IDF hinders its ambulances

The International Red Cross, on their website, claims the Israeli Defense Forces blocked ambulances from reaching wounded in Gaza from January 3, 2009, only allowing them in on January 7, four days later. Unbelievable.

Wearing black

Taking a cue from Johnny Cash's song "Man in Black" and changing the blog colors to black, because something in me died when the IDF killed children in Gaza with artillery shells and rockets paid for by US taxpayer money; my money. This is a great injustice and must end.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Not Happy

I'm not going to tell Israel how to conduct its foreign policy. I am going to tell my government to stop sending my money to Israel.