Tuesday, November 04, 2008

IBM Fubared in Texas

The register points out that Texas Governor Rick Perry is mighty sore with IBM over some, how shall we say, slight shortcomings over their backup strategy. This would not be a big deal if IBM hadn't lost data collected during an 8 months medicare fraud investigation by the state Attorney General because of failed backups. Turns out they hadn't been doing the backups correctly at 20 Texas state agencies.

Don't they know Texas is the state where they shoot first and ask questions later?

The cynic in me is wondering who is going to run the backup systems for Health Net's* members health records... Oh, that's right: IBM, since they just took over that job...

Where's Chuck Norris and the Texas Rangers when you need them?

* I work at Health Net, although I'll be released as part of their outsourcing of IT to IBM, AT&T and Cognizant.

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