Friday, September 12, 2008

MSDN not working with Firefox on my PC

No matter what I do I keep getting this error when accessing the msdn homepage. It says:

Sorry, we were unable to service your request.

For the latest headlines and to see what's new, visit the MSDN home page.

Check out the various MSDN Developer Centers where you can find the latest product information, technical resources, and community offerings.

Visit the MSDN Library for the latest technical articles, reference documentation, downloads, and more.

This does not occur in IE6 or in Google Chrome. Go figure.

Update: I figured it out. I was logged in with my live account. When I'm logged out, it doesn't happen.

Tried again: Logged it to my live account, got the error; logged out, error went away.

1 comment:

dirtdart said...

MS Must have found your fix becauase I can't see anything on MSDN in firefox if I'm logged into my live account or not.