Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Assorted Stuff

My sister Juliette had back surgery. She's OK according to the doctors, but can't get into a car for the next 45 days. I bought her a copy of the Lord of the Rings (the book) for her on amazon.com for $1.40. Shipping to France will offset my savings.

I tried Google Chrome, but after about 1 hour, I uninstalled it. It's true it's better than IE, but it ain't better than firefox; not for me anyway.

I tried ubiquity, the mozilla add-on, and that was Spectacular!

I'm in the beta for stackoverflow.com. Shaping up very nicely. Lots of difficult questions coming up on that site. Slant toward .NYET, but otherwise good.

Oh, Simon Stapleton sent me $10 for being the commentator of the month for August 2008 at simonstapleton.com. See, $10 bought a link. And my gratitude.


Simon Stapleton said...

Hi Chris. Glad to hear you didn't spend the ten bucks on candy, as I hoped ;-)

Christopher said...


If I buy candy, at my house, I won't be the sole beneficiary...