Friday, July 06, 2007

We named the dog Indiana.

So I've been reading every message on the mailing list, and I've been flamed, and even told to leave... But then again, what's new eh?

So here's what I feel today: it's discouraging. There's too much work to get done, too little time, and too few people. I feel that the people who want a UNIX will be disappointed, and those that was Ubuntu on Solaris will also be disappointed.

To make a bad analogy, the German Panther main battle tank was probably the best armored tank in the world. The problem was, of course that the battle was turning more and more into an air war, and the Panther could not compete once the p51 had gained air superiority over a battlefield.

So, although technically superior to its foes one-on-one, the Panther had to operate in an environment where its technical capabilities were not the determinant factor between success and failure.

Likewise Solaris, while technically superior, lacks the flexibility and development capabilities of GNU/Linux.

I simply think that Solaris the product is not self-sustaining, that Open-Solaris the open-source project is hobbled by needs of compatibilities and binary-only bits, and that Indiana the distro is aiming to be where Ubuntu is, or at best where it was two years ago.

I think the reality is starting to sink in at Sun and things are going to get progressively worse. I think they will truly realize that their dream of a opensource-worked OpenSolaris from which they can pick and choose the bits for the next version of Solaris is turning into a kind of a nightmare, where things are foggy, unstable and never quite make sense.

Anyway. Back to work.

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