Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Our Most Valuable IP?

So Jonathan is touting the company's server... Heck, that's expected.

What I want them to do is give one of those machines to a couple of slashdotters and let them run some diagnostics and report on ./ without Sun editing the report.

Got it?

If the machine is as amazing as you say, it's no problem.

If the machine is not as amazing as you say, you're lying?

So far, all I've heard is marketeze, and a very cheesy ad with an oil drill.

Not impressed.


James Governor said...

for what its worth i spoke to German firms that kicked the tyres a few time - one of which, Fiducia, runs IT for 900 banks, and established its own benchmarks.... the other was Germany's second biggest hosting firm. they both raved about the new boxes. the word amazing kept coming up. Strato expects to purchase a few hundred next couple of years. Germans tend to be quite thorough, and the results were v impressive. amusing story - Mercury kept crapping out before they could get the server to fall over.

Its true these firms were self-selecting. they were in London for the launch. But i dug into the story a fair bit.

It seems to me this is more than marketing, and hopefully Sun can prove it to you.

disclaimer: I am an industry analyst and Sun is a client.

Christopher said...


Thanks for your uptake on that.

I've bounced the idea around at my work about getting one of those servers, and they kept asking: How much better are they?

I am sure the benchmarks will trickle in. I just think they could be more proactive.