Tuesday, October 04, 2005

On tainting and Apache.

Interestinger and interestinger...

I had a little exchange with Jim Driscoll on his blog about CDDL and Glassfish, and he mentioned in this July 19, 2005 post that according to Geir Magnussen, aka Geir Magnusson Jr. , I quote:

"Gier, what's Apache's tainting policy? We'll just copy that." Geir looked at me, somewhat bemused, and said: "We don't have one."

Then Jim went on about how tainting is not an issue and so on.

Yet, I dig throught this little post from Sept 20 2005: "Subject: Code into SVN, not the WIKI (Re: [arch] VMCore / Component Model)", and Geir Magnusson Jr. now says that code contributors must fill out, sign, and fax to him this document:
"Apache Harmony Project Authorized Contributor Questionnaire"
in which, in section 3, this paragraph sits:

begin quote

"If you have answered yes to any question above, and that implementation is
not available under a recognized Open Source license, you may not be an
contributor to the related component of Apache Harmony unless the
copyright owner of that implementation either:"

end quote

I spare you the gory details (and you should really read that document), but suffice to say that I wonder how this relates to the idea of taint.

Any takers?

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