Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I was asking myself what I should write when I didn't have anything earth-shattering to say. I came up with something: Nothing. I feel the whole blog thing is like kids in the playground screaming "Me ME MEEE!!!" to get the ball.
Yet, parts of it are interesting, because some of those kids (allegorically speaking) become world class soccer player and defeat France in the first round at the World Cup.
It's like that in software too, I think. People who scream and kick the most may look silly to outsiders, and to a lot of insiders seem obnoxious, but they are the ones who would someday topple the reigning champions.

Did you know Linus played Doom while developing Linux?

What good mom and pop is now complaining about their kids playing video games and such? They should be very aware that they need to be careful not to stifle innovation by promoting some 19th century ideals about the world. There is nothing more frustrating to me that seeing a bright kid be bridled by clueless parents. So what if a 14 year old girl is reading Anaïs Nin? Maybe she'll read Ayn Rand next, and be the this century's greatest thinker by the time she's 41. Are you out of your mind to tell her she has to read "Teen"?

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