Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Tara Grubb on the Middle East and other rantings.
According to her, "The Middle East is gangrenous--an eating sore. Cut the limb before it gets to the heart. It's come close enough."
Aha! Cut it off, she says: What does that mean, exactly, cutting off a region of the world with 120+millions of people?

Do we ban all of them from coming to the US? Do we stop exporting to that region? Do we stop importing from that region? Do we try to convince our allies to stop importing and exporting to that region?

Or do we really cut them off? Like burn them off in a nuclear fire?

I mean, if it's a gangrenous sore, then, we've got to go out there and wipe them out, wipe it clean, right?

Well, I for one, don't think so. The Middle East is a beautiful place that got a bad rap over the years. When a child is misbehaving, you don't cut them off. You help them heal, you shelter them, encourage them, teach them.

And you never ever treat them like a disease.

Friday, August 23, 2002

9/11 media coverage, 'nuff said.
I have slowly but surely stopped reading the news. It was so fucking depressing, and absolutely content-less.

I wonder. If I wrote summaries, summaries from news articles in newspapers from around the world, I wonder if they would be more interesting? Novella style, you know. What if people could read a 70 pages summary of a particular situation, would that be better?
So I went to the cyber café last night (again) (and to the great chagrin of my wife) and played flight simulator 2002. I flew from some no-name runway in laos, across vietnam, and did a pretty good landing approach on a chinese airport. I crashed 40 feet to the right of the runway. (dang) And then only because there were some fierce cross-winds.
Also, I probably would have landed the thing no problem had I had a joystick. You know how hard it is to land a twin prop on "hard" setting on a windy day with the numerical keypad?

Anyway, It was fun. I would go pick up a good joystick (with rudder and throttle) but my wife would go nuts (according to her, I am NEVER to return to that Hall of Doom).

Ahh, the joys of marriage.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

I was asking myself what I should write when I didn't have anything earth-shattering to say. I came up with something: Nothing. I feel the whole blog thing is like kids in the playground screaming "Me ME MEEE!!!" to get the ball.
Yet, parts of it are interesting, because some of those kids (allegorically speaking) become world class soccer player and defeat France in the first round at the World Cup.
It's like that in software too, I think. People who scream and kick the most may look silly to outsiders, and to a lot of insiders seem obnoxious, but they are the ones who would someday topple the reigning champions.

Did you know Linus played Doom while developing Linux?

What good mom and pop is now complaining about their kids playing video games and such? They should be very aware that they need to be careful not to stifle innovation by promoting some 19th century ideals about the world. There is nothing more frustrating to me that seeing a bright kid be bridled by clueless parents. So what if a 14 year old girl is reading Anaïs Nin? Maybe she'll read Ayn Rand next, and be the this century's greatest thinker by the time she's 41. Are you out of your mind to tell her she has to read "Teen"?

Monday, August 12, 2002

there was a stupid post here.
One for Dave. How about putting a little item for each permalink on a blog entry that goes and gets the links that point there via google's link: feature?
About the blog architecture, I like that potential detractors are not automatically given a forum to air their rants. The slashdot format is one thing, blogs are another.
Found this from dave at Ozzie's on blog architecture.

Friday, August 02, 2002

There was a post here but I took it out. Sowwy.
I have to admit, letting mercenaries and such hunt saddam down for a cool billion does not seem like a bad idea. See The Free-Enterprise Solution