Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Robots in Combat, courtesy of Yahoo!. I was thinking, this is not such a bad idea. Maybe MTV's RobotWars was good for something after all.
All files under pipeline completed. Need to check the ones in itlanet. Need to check if the ffiec lookup is being performed correctly. Maybe rename the itlanet folder to see what else breaks.
Was on /. and saw that my karma was excellent. Of course, that does not help me to select a matching tie...
All mdb files within pipeline/itlanet/ relinked properly.
savings.mdb relinked
converted savings.mdb from 97 to 2000
Mailer machine back up. Was still linking to novell server.
Audit DB relinked
audit2000 database relinked
Pool Assumptions database relinked.
LSBO database relinked
Changed the template to Chroma.
Changed the template (again)
fixed amx.mdb database linking

The Riaa

Maybe they need to realise that people will buy records from companied that are NOT members of the RIAA, such as JetsetRecords. Eh!
finished relinking audit database
Went on an editing rampage on wikipedia. See 395.
Lunch was good... Silly blog so far huh?
Yumi just called. She's bringing me lunch :)
refreshed links in amd.mdb
refreshed linked tables for idsrpt.mdb
So I got blogger to start working again...
I am looking forward to a productive time with this.
Hope you like my new template...
Newly acquired... test